Thursday, August 4, 2011

Suppose one were to wrong another. Suppose one were to take that person's former body and wear it. Suppose one were to have led another down a false path.

There are excuses, yes. There are mitigating factors. But mitigating factors: do they make the victim less victimized? Do they help them understand? Do they, in the dark of the night, calm the sweat of remembered nightmares?

I rather think not.

So I owe Ciarente. I owe her, because I believed in Sansha. I owe her as I owe Taisa, as I owe others, as I owe the State and the Caldari people. I owe all of them, because I betrayed them for an ideal that was a lie.

Judgement may be mistaken. Beliefs may be mistaken. But others as well as ourselves pay for our mistakes. It is not enough to simply admit guilt. One must try to restore. To rectify. To make whole what was broken. If one can.

I hope I can.