Monday, December 6, 2010

Well now, it's been a while.

After all those accounts of hackings on the IGS, I scrubbed my account. It was the right thing to do, I suppose, not letting everyone see how close I came to the edge of Sansha-dom. But then, I've told quite a few people anyway.

It's all the cluster is talking about now - the Sansha, the invasions, the abductions. And yes, they are serious. I do worry. But I took a few months off to get my family packed off to a deadspace area, and, really, what more can I do?

I'm reluctant to get involved, not merely because others might suspect I'm still on the wrong side, but also because of all the rather, well, wrong I did. Because of my actions, I nearly destroyed myself, I caused the death of someone I loved, and I aided enemies of mankind. Not to mention harming Ciarente, mutilating Fisk, and perhaps there are things I don't remember.

Memory therapy can suppress those things that aren't mine, but it can't bring back the pieces I lost. I should be grateful the the damage is as little as it is.

I miss LDIS, but I realize that I wasn't able to give them the consistent dedication needed. Hopefully the investments I left behind will be...useful. I don't think I'll ask for anything back. In the end, it's just ISK, and I'd rather have the friendships and contacts I made.

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