Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Another consolidation?"

"Indeed. It's been quite a massive amount of ISK. Hope it's worth it"

"What about the other company?"

"Fell through. Don't worry, we don't need them."

"You didn't need these either."

"Speak for yourself. "

"Was Revenent a problem?"

"The Gallente-loving bastard didn't have a choice."

"Gallente-loving bastard? Is that what you call your new comrades?"


"Some would take that as a serious insult. You should be more careful."

"To the hells with them. I won this one."

"Was it even a fight?"

"Everything's a fight."

"And Celeste?"

"What about her?"

"What's she hiding?"

"She's doing things in Providence. Building things. Or selling them."

"For Nation?

"No. And other than that, who cares?"

"Anything else?"

"Don't know, yet."


"...You done?"

"You've done well for us, you know."

"Oh, go fu-"

"We mean it. We can't give you anything, but you've done much."

"Lost much, too, you realize."

"We know. Thought we'd lost you in Syndicate."

"I needed a break."

"The Angels still like you. It's been very helpful."




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